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Cutting and trimming:

Cutting and trimming are usually done using a guillotine cutter.


For, books,… large press sheets need to be folded into signatures. This involves a series of right-angle folds in which the sheet is folded multiple times. Some common types of folds are:


There are different ways of binding sheets together. Below are the most commonly used techniques:


Embossing is the process of adding a relief image to a book cover or other printed material. Sometimes an ink or foil is used to accent the relief image.

Foil stamping:

Foils can be a real eyecatcher when applied to book or covers. This is especially true for metallic foils which reflect light and add a silvery or golden glow.


There are different types of coatings that can be applied to printed matter.


Laminating refers to bonding a separate material or layer of material to the printed matter.

Die cutting:

Irregularly shaped printed matter such as coasters or labels are cut out of the substrate in a process called diecutting. The die contains knives or creasing rules that have been prepared specifically for a certain shape.


Products like envelopes, stamps or labels need to have a moistenable adhesive applied.


Indexing refers to adding plastic index tabs or index thumb cuts to the edges of printed sheets. These can help readers locate specific information.